Our business

To be attentive to your needs

Alba France is committed to:

  • Identifying your precise needs,
  • Selecting the suppliers who offer an optimum service,
  • Defining products meeting your specific requirements (quality, food safety, traceability, consistency, price, etc.).

Our market knowledge means we are able to meet the needs of every type of industry, in France and elsewhere: ready-meal manufacturers, restaurant and catering sector suppliers, canned food manufacturers, the cured meat industry, wholesalers, pet food producers.

To ensure quality control

Our objectives:

  • To provide meat of the highest quality, as defined in your specifications,
  • To implement product traceability, guaranteeing absolute compliance with current international standards,
  • To guarantee the transmission of technical data sheets and specifications,
  • To provide a rapid response to quality service requirements (traceability, quality audits, etc.).

To organise transport and logistics

The members of the Alba France team manage the entire transport process for fresh and frozen meat products, from production to delivery.
This expertise means that we are able to determine the most efficient, rapid and cost-effective delivery methods on a case by case basis.